Best Knife Sharpener Guide
This page is a listing about what you should look for in a knife sharpener. The best knife sharpener has lots of uses in addition to just sharpening knives as well as a lot of options so you'll have control over your knife. Things to look for in a knife sharpener are:
-Lots of angles: different types of knives require different blade angles. Thinner knives like paring knives will need a sharper angle than survival knives. Also, the sharpening system should also feature an angle that'll allow you to sharpen scissors since, I know that, we all hate dull scissors.
-Quickness in sharpening: this is something that some people like whereas other people do not care for. If you are lazy, a pull through knife sharpener is an easy way to sharpen knives since it only requires a few run through to get a super sharp edge.
-Control: some individuals prefer knife sharpening systems that'll allow them to have fine control over all aspects of the blade as they are sharpening. This lets them go as far as polishing the edge with a leather belt.
-Power: an electric knife sharpener allows you to sharpen the most abused knives. Knives with cracks, dinks, and chips can be easily sharpened in a few run through of a 3 stage knife sharpener.
-Portability: campers, survivalists, and other tactically minded people like portable knife sharpeners. These can easily fit into your pocket or rucksack and will allow you to sharpen your best survival knife, hatchet, machete, or whatever else with only a few minutes in the woods.
Knife sharpening is actually a seasonal work because, as this knife sharpening article states, knife sharpeners get more work during the holidays as people are planning to cook more and spend more time in the kitchen. On top of that, a dull knife is a dangerous knife so make sure you're knives are sharp for turkey time!